EQ2: Fashion Challenged


I didn’t really want to wear a bathrobe everywhere. What I wanted were some clothes that said — hey! I’m a bard! Let’s have a sing-a-long!

I needed some clothes nobody else would wear… and they had to look distinctive. I found a couple pieces of various trash sets — ‘woven engraved’ (all lower case) looked unique, but I could only find the tunic. Being a tailor, I thought I might have something cool in my book of patterns… and the tunic from the set you get by killing the Chamberlain in the Nest jumped out at me. I’d never seen ANYONE wear it. And look, matching pants… and gloves!

dinabust.jpgI grabbed the parts I needed from the broker (they were surprisingly cheap), got some mythic filaments from the supplier (surprisingly pricey!) and headed up to Barren Sky to weave them together.

The recipes were levels 65 and 66. I am (was) a level 46 tailor.

This was going to be fun…

Now, I also have a 70 jeweler; I know how to make things pristine every time, and I knew I could do it here…. though it might take me a long time.

The tunic took ten minutes. The legs took almost fifteen! But I dinged 47 on them, and by contrast, the gloves only took about five minutes to make.

Tunic, gloves and pants don’t make a complete set, so I took the purple leather shoulders from the tier 4 or 5 monk set and some boots that kinda matched from the broker… beauty.

The perfect bard set!

Tobold had a great discussion of the differences between the various crafting systems a few days ago, and in the end, he was favoring EQ2’s… and I have to agree. In EQ2, I can scribe some recipes beyond my level, like these that were twenty beyond what I could do. In WoW, I’d be unable to make it, and that would be that. But in EQ2, I can give it a shot, and it will be hard and take a very long time (fifteen minutes is quite a long time to be spending in front of a loom, trying to keep durability from tanking while also babysitting the progress bar) — but it will let me try, because skill with crafting counts. I did fail the first time; I didn’t have the crafting actions set correctly (quest tailoring uses the Binding skill instead of the Tailoring skill), but once I took time to figure out what I was doing, it was all good and the next half hour was spent making three things, while the Hooluk battled the Vultaks at the door to the room, and the owl-people warned me to leave while I could, as they could not guarantee my safety should the Vultak break through.

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6 thoughts on “EQ2: Fashion Challenged”

  1. Not only is the EQ2 crafting system good, EQ2 also has a special “appearance” paper doll now. Thus you can put the clothes with the look you like on the appearance doll, and the gear with the good stats and bad looks on the regular paper doll. You’ll end up with good looks and good stats at the same time, perfect!

    Oh, and your link to me is broken.

  2. Hoo-boy, the link was actually a *parse*… wonder how that happened… Fixed now!

    The pics above are from armor I crafted just for appearances (though it has decent stats so if I’m on a raid that involves a lot of dying, I can just swap in my appearance clothes as my real clothes!).

    I wanted to look as unique as possible. Half the girl avatars in my guild are wearing formal ensembles; most everyone else that is using the appearance tab seems to be wearing robes or Christmas clothes and Hallowe’en masks.

  3. But there being secretive of the beta, so it doesn’t feel that way this time. The majority of the plays i know don’t even know you can sign up, compared to when EoF came beta came out, everyone and there mothers, mothers, fish knew about it.

  4. *giggles* My Templar girl (dwarf) caused a little stir turning up for raids in a pretty gold and white dress night before last.

    I love that she does not look like a little golden nuggett in the templar class armour now. The Firebrand set gives cool stats but man I hate how it looks on my little templar girl :) Completely loving the appearance tab like a lot of people I guess.

    For what it’s worth I love the new outfit!!.

  5. The ones you get from completing the quest to kill the Chamberlain in the Nest, given by the Hoo’luk near the crafting devices where the Vultaks keep suiciding.

    Unfortunately, I can’t scribe the one for Wurmslayer, so I’m leveling up my tailoring the rest of the way to 50 now :)

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