Academy of Arcane Science

Dear Mom and Dad;

How are you guys doing? I miss you all so much. I hope Cousin Mark’s hair is growing back; in the dark, he could have been the cat! You just don’t know!

And please put a flower on the cat’s grave for me.

We just had our midterms today, and they were SO TOUGH! But those books I stole borrowed from the library in Bruma really did the trick. Where would we be without Teacher’s Editions!

I got ten points off my Conjuration test because the prof thought it kinda tasteless that I would wear necromancer robes to school. I was all like, WTF? These aren’t NECRO ROBES! They’re the tour robes I bought the last time DEATH2U came through town. I LOVE that band! The guitarist is kinda dorky, but the lead singer could take me anywhere he wants.

Anyway, what with all the studying and having to buy all these parchments and quills, could you maybe send me a little gold? A couple hundred would be perfect!

Thanks! LOVE YOU!!!!!

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