A Pressing Obliviation

Yes, and my apologies to my friends in EQ1, EQ2 and WoW, but I have been Obliviated. I went to Fry’s for a coax cable, got involved in a little Guitar Hero dueling, and bought Oblivion. Yes, I know it’s popular and everyone is playing it… and for once, I wanted to be part of something everyone else was doing. I wanted to be Pepsi.

I spent half an hour bumping into walls and knocking food to the floor (which somewhat distracted the rats which kept tracking me) before I got my bearings. I haven’t seen an interface for a PC game so obviously meant for a console since… FFXI, I guess. I should probably dig out the PC Gamepad I used for FFXI.

The introduction doubles as a tutorial. But the game is watching you… seeing what you do, what choices you make… I played through it as I thought a druid might play. Because I wanted to be a druid, if they had that class. The game said, good luck with that. You’re an assassin. I protested. I took the assassin class and gave it some bow skills and a little bit of destruction magic and a little bit of restoration magic and called it Ranger.

Meet Etha Tanglewood the Fifth (EQ1 druid, DAoC druid, EQ2 defiler for a change, WoW back to druid), ranger.

It was a long, long road, getting back to the Imperial City. Ironically, she started from there… but with one thing or another, stuff that kept coming up… like Vamprism… combined with a Ryouga-like lack of direction (Dude! Where’s My Horse?) meant I was pretty cranky by the time I came to town. I wasn’t in the mood for some fat, obsequious spell merchant to give me a hard time on prices.

Time to pull out the Haggler.

The city watch hates it when this sort of thing happens. Good thing I’m a quick thinker.

All’s well that ends well. I saved the dead Emperor’s son. Joined the elite Blades. Working my way up the ranks of the Mage guild. Yeah, that was me that killed the Vampire Matriarch, got this snazzy chain armor.

More later!

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