Pointless Accomplishments

Onyxia’s death on our first night of trying makes us the #1 Horde guild on Kirin Tor; Toxic and Anomaly Faction are #2 and #3… and this is the first time I have ever been in the top-ranked guild of a server. Or part of a server; Alliance has one guild, Seraphic, that is waaaaay ahead of us.

Oh, well. Won’t change my life any, but it does make for nice screenshots… and a little bit of bragging. We kinda took over Orgrimmar when they mounted Onyxia’s head near the gates for all to see.

On EQ, we did our first Demiplane of Blood raid, but the screenies I got were not really that great. You can see them if you head to CE’s news page, but I just didn’t have decent enough pics to make anything good from them.

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