Dorah the Explodah

Got Dina to level 44 last night adventuring in Lavastorm; her first level since last May. Earlier had hooked up with Solamon, and he, along with Nashuya and Dina, did the first three runs in the JBoots quest (I was pretty impressed that Solamon, at 19, finished the TS run…). Between that, some Guitar Hero, watching Mythbusters for the first time, and (gasp) some chores, the night was pretty full.

I had Baphomet play me the new Harry Potter movie I bought, and that left a computer free… Can’t have that… wake up Dorah.

While leveling my gnome mage Tsuki in EQ1, I heard it a lot – how could I have a character that wasn’t a halfling? Well, if EQ1 let halflings be mages, I would certainly be one! In EQ2, halflings CAN be mages. I hadn’t played Dorah a lot since I rolled her up… I was pretty aghast at the sorry state of her spells.

But that’s okay; I know a spellcrafter.

While Etha was gathering for the spells, she came across THREE rare harvests; one copper and two of whatever it is Adept 3 spells are made from. So grats Dorah on a new, ubah pet and a boomtastic nuke.

Picture of Dorah barbequeing some bears with her Adept 3 pet above…

Picture of the cruelest musical instrument in the world below…

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