Ruins of Varsoon

I got a group for Nashuya in the usual way… someone needed help killing a named in Thundering Steppes; I was running Dera through there on the way to Enchanted Lands to meet up with Nashuya and knock off some writs, so I offer to help (with Dera), then get them to invite “my SK”. See, though I consider Nashuya my (current) main, everyone else considers Dera my main. Including my guild. “Of COURSE Dera is your main! Who the heck needs another tank – but we ALWAYS need clerics!”

They haven’t actually SAID that (well, not with those words, but Nash is listed as an alt on the guild tool even though I JOINED as Nash…). They will help Dera with heritage quests, but Nash – as an alt – her stuff I do alone.

Having gotten Nash a group sideways, we killed some nameds in TS and then went on to the Ruins of Varsoon on a hunt for Masters and experience. Got both; Dera to 35 and Nash to 34. Nash won a Jasper, which is a rare gem used for making Adept III spells. I was thrilled; I have so many things that need upgrades. I was a little disappointed this morning when I found that it is for 20-29 spells. I was thinking and hoping it was for 30-39.

So now, I guess I can make a spell for Nashuya that she will quickly outgrow (I’ll have to check on Rescue, you don’t outgrow that), or make a spell for Carlisle’s up and coming paladin. I had Etha (now a 33 alchemist) make a dozen or so App 4s for him; I bet he would like an Adept 3 spell when he hits 20.

Or I can just sell the rock for 20 gold.

Nash’s name – Nashuya N’Hamsha – is a pun that only people who know New Hampshire well get. (Nashua is the second largest city in New Hampshire, after Manchester). I’m always unearthing New Hampshire-ites, both on EQ1 and EQ2. In the group last night was someone who used to live in Plymouth. Plymouth is the home of Plymouth State College, which used to be the Drinking Capital of New Hampshire. My ex went to college there. I just remember it as a cold, remote place in the foothills of the White Mountains… windy, too…

Anyway, going to have Etha make up a couple stacks of hard-to-brew tier 4 ink, and go looking for a Sage to make Dera some spells. She just has really crappy magic, but I can’t afford the prices on the broker for upgrades. One scholar to another; maybe I can work something out.

At least her gear is okay. But check Nashuya out in the picture above. That’s what she really wears. Not that nicely co-ordinated quest armor (aside from the legs). That… patchwork scrapyard stuff is what she wears.

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