Living In A Dream

Was going to show my family where I was moving using Google Earth; but according to them, the place I am moving to, doesn’t exist…

Just gonna keep my eyes closed all the time and hum. I can believe them into reality!

Oh, speaking of moving, here’s a fun game to play: go to Cox Communications, enter the zip code 92069, and try to figure out how to get basic cable. If you end up at the end of the spiel with services more than the price of your rent PLUS your car payment, welcome to the club.

Took like an hour on the site to get to the place where you can actually choose basic cable and nothing else.

Contrast that with ATT/SBC; the lady who helped me (and I should have taken down her name), was local, EXTREMELY helpful and friendly, and left me feeling that everything was going to be okay. She even decreased my phone bill.

Wow. I was floored. And they keep my internet business. All I felt from Cox was that they were trying to push expensive stuff I didn’t want, and that no matter what I did beyond basic, they would rip me off.

Customer service is what keeps the customer… but in any event, I did manage to figure out the cable site, and I will for the first time in many years, be able to watch TV again.

I know I won’t be liking the commercials. I know that already.

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