The Dirty Thirties

Nashuya fighting the Spore King in the Ark of Harclave solo adventure. They give you a heroic buff which allows you to take on groups of yellow heroic mobs and bosses, like this guy.

She hit thirty by the finish; and a couple of days ago, Etha hit thirty alchemy; and a little further back, Dera made 30 and then 31… so a lot of my characters are mid way through. Of course, SOE is just about to raise the level limit.

I find I fear commitment, in games as in life. I like chatting with people and being around them in game, but I am less and less inclined to trust them enough to group with them.

Did some WoW server shopping today; looked at Hyjal, but though they’re PST, they say they’re crowded and lag is horrid. said they were they least-populated PvE PST server… sigh…

It was funny to read the laments of EST people that the raids started so late for them! Made me smile.

Logged on to EQ when I got home. They were in Anguish and the waiting list was at 18. So I logged back out, went back to Splitpaw as I’d meant to. Would have done more but some real-life stuff had me outside talking to police for an hour or so.

And wouldn’t you like to know more about that :P

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