Ventrilo Wine

Prosthetic Feet will require Ventrilo for major raids from now on. So, my challenge is to get this working with Linux.

I used to use Cedega, but that stopped working for me. It was one of the many oddities I faced with Ubuntu. It worked, then it stopped working. Nothing I did could make it come back to life – so I let my subscription run out.

Cedega was previously known as WineX – the Direct-X version of WINE, the open source Windows-compatible libraries. (I don’t know offhand what WINE stands for, but considering the source (geeks), it’s probably something like WINE Is Not an Emulator. Acronyms have this great need to be recursive, in Unix.)

They show WoW working… kinda working… though not really… but I figure, if it can somewhat run WoW, it should do a really great job on Ventrilo. How much graphics can THAT use, anyway?

Compiling it on my home machine while I am at work through the mystical power of SSH. I’ll play with it when I get home.

When I got home, I tried to install Ventrilo on Linux – and it did install, but I couldn’t get the microphone to work properly. So I brought it up under Windows. That means I can’t see who is saying what, and some of those guys sound the same. Ishanee is a Dane with an accent; he reminded me of the old days in Viking Alliance. There were a couple other women there, but mostly – they all sound the same. VERY confusing.

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