WoW update

Kanda turned 60 a few weeks ago, but I didn’t post about it until now. There’s the Truefaith Vestments that took ages to make.

Those shoulders are Devout Mantle, part of the tier 1 priest set. I have the gloves, bracers and boots for that set, but another guildie has the robe, and those shoulders are all he wanted.

I won the roll.

And ever since, I’ve been whining that they don’t match MY robe, vendors won’t give me enough for them, they look weird….

Well, he won the pattern for the Truefaith Vestments last night. Will he, or won’t he, drop one of his professions and get tailoring to 300 just so he can gather the dozens of rare components required to make it?

That wand I’m holding is the coolest wand I have ever seen. It’s the skull and spine of a small demon mounted on a metal rod. It glows. OoooOOOooo spooky. Got that off some Scholomance boss, I think the Headmaster.

Yo, this is a shot of me and my homies mixin’ it up wit da undead in da Plaguelands.

That trinket, Barov Peasant Caller, requires doing a ten person instance with just five people. Sure, it takes twice as long, but at least you die more. But it was worth it.

Just wouldn’t be a post without a pic of Tipa, crawling slowly through the levels. Note the Emerald City goggles. What ELSE would a Munchkin wear?

We’re crawling our way into our first ‘end-game’ instance, Zul’Gurub. But for news of that, please look at the Prophetic Fate home page.

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