Yay! DVD Mania!

Serenity is out on DVD. It’s been out for awhile, but any store I went to had it only in “full screen” format. With the edges cut off, they mean, because some people can’t handle letterboxing.

FULL SCREEN! AAAAGH! The reason stores only had those is because NOBODY WAS BUYING THEM. IDIOTS. No special-effect film like Serenity should EVER be released in “full screen”. Come on. This is for fans. We want wide screen and get ANGRY when we don’t get it.


I went to Amazon. THEY had it. They also had Battlestar Galactica season 1. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, but, not having TV or cable, had never seen it. Costco only had Season 2 (though after I placed this order, they started carrying Season 1 as well. Go figure.)

While I was there, I browsed through the Star Trek stuff. It’s largely horribly overpriced, but they had a reasonably-priced one with episodes based around Picard. It has my favorite ST:TNG of all time, “Inner Light”. That’s the one where a ASP (Alien Space Probe) lets Picard experience life living in a simple, agrarian community.

Any episode that involves playing a tinwhistle is, of course, going to be my favorite. I play along, you see.

That just came today. They said it wouldn’t be here until next week sometime (ordered it last week), since I used the “Supersaver Shipping” – free shipping on orders of $25 or more, but they send it by donkey.

Their fulfillment center happens to be here in Carlsbad, though, so I knew I’d get it a little faster than that.

On to gaming.

The Nomadic Peoples of Dryroot is still moving along. My economy is crumbling, political freedoms are weak, but my civil rights are excellent!

I’ve been looking at other nations. Seems the way to win in this game is to kill the people with taxes and let corporations do whatever they like.

Not in Dryroot! Democratic Socialism forever!

I made a new home page for Prophetic Fate, my WoW guild. I had a lot of suggestions from people who wanted to help, but I had a vision of what I wanted to do that nobody shared.

I wanted to base it on Mambo to integrate better with the message board, but I just couldn’t get into the customization required. That’s my own failing, I know.

In the end, I created it using the same blog software I’m using here, SPHPBlog. Except I actually customized it. I had to change some of the PHP to get the header to display as I wanted. Go check it out to see what SPHPBlog looks like when it is customized (I just use a default theme for this because I haven’t decided upon a good look for it).

My router burned out while playing WoW the other night. I decided to replace it with a Netgear router that could also replace the ADSL modem I got from SBC. This little gadget was not only there on the Internet, but also at Fry’s when I went to buy it.

It works wonderfully for wired connections… but I haven’t got a good wireless connection out of it yet. My son is having DTs from Internet withdrawal.

I may have to return it.

Now playing: Genesis, Mad Mad Moon.

Oh yeah, I found the power supply to my Rio. :)

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