Babylon 5 – I've Found Her

Busy day in the blog…

Years ago, Sierra was making a Babylon 5 game. It looked slick. I upgraded my computer so I would be able to play it. I loved Wing Commander, and I loved B5, so this game looked perfect… and then it was canceled.

Fans decided not to let it go that easily, and made their own based on the Homeworld engine (I played Homeworld. It was okay. I got to the second-to-last mission and just abandoned it.)

I honestly felt that basing it on Homeworld was a bad decision – kept you too far from the action.

Hmm… okay based on some looking around, it looks like the previous fan games were based on “Independence War” (which looks pretty interesting) and “Freespace” (of which I played the demo, and enjoyed it). Those sound like great engines to use.

THIS one – Babylon 5: I Found Her is based on its own engine. The game looks like it was largely from Russian coders, with help from all over the world.

It looks fascinating. Maybe it’s time to haul out the flightstick…

Sometimes I hate MMOs for shutting me off from the other games I used to love, like space combat games, flight simulators, console RPGs…..

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