NationStates is an interesting web game; you make a country and mold it according to your own beliefs, interact with other nations, join the UN and debate items of world importance and so forth.

My nation is The Nomadic Peoples of Dryroot, a small nation in the South Pacific. I received a worrying telegram this morning from the Queendom of Goddessness. Hers is a capitalist monarchy. We traded endorsements, but I warned her I would be watching for imperialist incursions across Dryroot borders.

Reminds me of the old Play By Mail RPG games of the seventies. At five minutes a day, you really can’t go wrong.

I wonder how I became a democratic socialist, though. I started off as a left-leaning college state (according to my UN rating), moved to an innofensive centrist democracy, and now this…

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