To Rule the World, Cutely

We gathered togethter in the Gurubashi Arena, those of us who would rule the world. Nummie Gigglepie, cruel mistress of demonology. Jenchenzi, her deadly enemy. Yunkndatwunk (not pictured, sadly), the young upstart with a smile, a wink, and a heart of pure evil. And Hosenfeffer and I to see which warlock would earn our blades!

Jenchenzi, spurred by the dread thought of becoming the guild dishwasher if he lost, defeated Gigglepie and the Yunk, and is the new secret master of the world. I handily won against the other melees, but then, at 30, I was the highest there, so it wasn’t quite fair….

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  1. Tipa! :D Howsitgoin'?

    Would you mind me using the Jenchenzi from this photo for a server Wiki we have going? I've never taken one of him before, and the Kirin Tor Jenzi is deleted now. Thanks in advance, and much obliged,


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