R.I.P. Compendium?

Heh… apparently the guild I just joined has died. Won’t know more until I get home. Yet again, all the interesting stuff happens while I am at work, and when I finally get a chance to play, I have to try and gather the clues as to what happened.

I have no idea what happened. As far as I can tell, shortly before I joined the guild, the guild leader stepped down, citing the stress of leadership.

I never knew her, but this unsettled people. About a week later, yesterday, she left the guild. Over the next several hours, a dozen or more people leave the guild (which was largely done by the time I got home). Several of them were people with whom I grouped, but I didn’t hear about the ex-guild leader leaving earlier until way later. Nobody is sure if that is what sparked the mass exodus…

I read on the Compendium forums this afternoon that the new guild leader, also left the guild. If so, then for all intents, this guild is dead.

Most of the people that left joined a new guild, Blood League. Why did they leave? Why make a new guild? Why not stay in the old one? What the hell happened?

I am totally lost. This happened in EQ2 and eventually led me back to EQ1. But I am not re-excited about EQ1 yet. I need WoW while I take a break from being hardcore EQ1.

The only sure thing is that I will never know just what happened.

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