New WoW Profession: Smoking

I am absolutely opposed to smoking. My mom and my Aunt Betty died from it within a year of each other. My grandfather had severe breathing difficulties and I had bronchitis and constant allergies growing up.

And Blizzard isn’t implementing smoking. But a thread proposing smoking showed up on the WoW boards, and I thought the below post was hilarious (not mine):

I would think that if 9-year old kids were going to be picking up habits from in-game interaction we should probably be more concerned with the demonology, or the cold-blooded, constant slaughter (and skinning, where possible, dismembering and looting where not) of all other lifeforms in the world, intelligent or not.

Pop quiz: of the following items (all but one of which are in the game, btw) which is the _least_ illegal for a 10 year old to do in America?

1. Murder

2. Animal cruelty

3. Training and directing a pet to attack other people

4. Drinking

5. Smoking

6. Theft

7. Running around Orgrimmar in a bra and panties

8. Desecrating a corpse

9. Dueling

OK, it’s probably #7, but smoking is next lowest. Wake up and smell the hypocrisy, folks! If in-game murder and in-game drinking isn’t inappropriate for children, how can you possibly oppose in-game smoking?

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