New CE Sig

Using the new Japanese models from EQ2.

I really intended to move whole-heartedly into Everquest 2. I love that game; it has a depth and a sense of location missing in WoW. I would be happy if that were my only game; this time last year, it WAS my only game.

All that I missed were the people. Like it or not, it’s hard to play a game when you have nobody to play it with. When VA started on Faydark, I abandoned Dera on Antonia Bayle and restarted there. They all quit, or moved to Splitpaw, or went to WoW, or returned to EQ, leaving me essentially alone. Then I got the Surya job which severely limited my playtime.

Hat in hand, I returned to EQ1 and Crimson Eternity, and changed mains from rogue to my recently-of-Stromm cleric.

No game since the original EQ has given me that sense of place that EQ2 did.

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