Shadow Priest

After a bout of instances and questing over the weekend, Kanda hit level 40 and gained Shadowform, the end of the Shadow spec tree and the mark of a Shadow priest.

When you’re in Shadowform, you can’t heal, but your damage and ability to take damage improves. This makes shadow priests somewhat less desired for groups; showing up in shadow form means you don’t intend to be the healer… well, while I still solo so much, I need it more and more. The screenie of Kanda I took in the Badlands, where I was killing level 42-43 Enraged Rock Elementals. They hit hard.

Tailoring up to 235 now, and trying to recoup the investment by making mageweave bags for sale. They’re selling well, but I can tell competition will be rising, but that’s fine. After I get my mount, I can get out of the bag market.

We beat the Council of Nine over on EverQuest last week; I need to spend some time working on the news item for that tonight.

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