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December 31, 2001
Severilous Dies!!!!!! (submitted by Charisa at 04:18pm EST)

(well his pet anyhow)

Alterted to the Presence of the great dragon Severilous's pet in the Emerald Jungle, the Crimson Eternity massed at the enterance to the Field of Bone and began their buffing.

.Alas, when they sent forth a member to search and bring back the dragon, for the slaughterfest that was sure to be, there was no dragon to be found, but only his pet, lost and alone!

Congrats Jaboober on getting the kill!

December 18, 2001
Crimson Eternity has it's way with the Plane of Fear (submitted by Stolyn at 03:29pm EST)

From break in, to port out the people of CE completely dominated Fear last night.

Congratulations to Azizrah on the Enraged Golem, Ishana on the Shissar,
and Areo on the Amy Tendril.

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