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April 6, 2008
Welcome! (submitted by Bond at 02:00pm EDT)

Crimson Eternity would like to welcome Boldarblood, Korgakk, Hottshott, Aedon, Domoguul, Maceo, Heshain and Valys! We will be starting our second Kara group next week and likely Zul'Aman, also. In other news, some of our new friends and members were along for a full clear of ZA last week. Unfortunately, I was too thrilled to bother taking screenshots, but hey, the party music was cool at least!
April 2, 2008
Crimson Eternity is Still Recruiting! (submitted by Bond at 11:16am EDT)

It's been quite a while since our last news update, but a lot has happened in the world of Crimson Eternity in WoW. Many of our friends decided to move back to PvE servers (wussies!) or move on from/in the game. After some time of deliberation, we've begun actively recruiting again and have been picking up great people! We have been adding great people to our ranks in the last few weeks. We look forward to adding quite a few new friends to our ranks within the week, too.

CE is not finished recruiting by any means though.Crimson Eternity is basing our recruiting off of the players and not the toons; basically, if you're a good person and player, you're off to a good start. Drama queens need not apply! Right now, we're accepting any class - tanks, dps, casters, etc... but we're in good need of a warlock or three and a mage or three. Please, stop buy our forums and if you register, let one of our officers know so we can approve your account. Unfortunately, back in our EQ days, we were hit hard by spammers and moved to manual activation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our officers: Wests/Westleys/Westleey, Denwo/Fehrago, Xzan, Avva/Pattie or myself, Bondwyn.

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