Las Vegas Ballpark is here: Read all about it…

The Las Vegas ballpark is a baseball stadium located in Summerlin, Nevada. It is the home field for the Las Vegas Aviators baseball team. The team has began to play in this new state of the art facility for the 2019 baseball season. As a ballpark, this stadium has a lot to offer. It is going to be a very comfortable and pleasant stadium to be present in for both baseball players and fans. With Las Vegas ballpark, there are many other things that will make it one of the top stadiums in all of sports.

One of the things about Las Vegas ballpark is that the concession stand will be different. When visiting the ballpark, you will never have to worry about getting watered down beer and hot dogs. The menu at this ballpark has many favorite foods among consumers. You will be able to eat food from restaurants such as Capriotti’s The Goodwich and Me Gusta Tacos. At this ballpark, you can also dine at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant as well. The stadium has a number of beers that you can enjoy such as drinks from Tanaya Creek Brewery. There are also hot dogs and soft drinks that you can enjoy as well.

When visiting Las Vegas ballpark, you will be able to indulge in a luxury experience. At this stadium, you will be able to watch the game from the left field fence pool. This area currently accommodates 50 people with cabanas, lounge chairs and also water that is crystal clear. Inside the ballpark, you can enjoy a private entrance, an elevator and clean restrooms which are all climate controlled. You can also rent the game day suites which can accommodate up to 54 guests. There are also plenty of play areas for kids and a number of bars as well.

With the Las Vegas ballpark, you will never have to worry about missing anything. There is a 31 foot high and 126 foot wide screen that will showcase all of the action that takes place on the field. There is a Daktronics video board that will show all of the instant replays and animations. On off nights at the ballpark, there will be movies screened for Summerlin residents and visitors to check out as well. Therefore, the ballpark will provide people with entertainment along with a live baseball game.

This ballpark has upgraded player amenities. The players will be treated to a luxury environment when they come to the ballpark to play a game. All of the players will be able to enjoy amenities that are not commonly found in most other ballparks in the country. Las Vegas Ballpark will offer indoor batting cages, a rehabilitation center and a weight room to help players stay in top shape. With this upgraded facility, many baseball players will have everything they need in order to help them maximize their performance.

At Las Vegas Ballpark, there are also lots of ongoing promotions. Fans will be able to take advantage of promotions that are commonly offered at minor league baseball games. There will be a $2 beer night on Thursdays as well as free products such as sunglasses, shirts and jerseys. With these promotions, fans will likely come back to the ballpark on a regular basis to enjoy them. As a result, this ballpark will provide fans with much incentive to attend frequently.

The Las Vegas Ballpark offers excellent views as well as walk ability from end to end. There is 360 degree seating which will allow fans to watch the game at every possible angle. This ballpark has views from left field and behind the home run wall which can enhance the experience for spectators. By sitting on the stadium seats, fans will be able to check out the beautiful scenery of sites such as Red Rock Canyon and other well known landmarks on the Las Vegas strip.

Fans who attend games at the ballpark will be able to beat the heat and enjoy maximum comfort. At this ballpark, there is mesh seating as well as fan circulation throughout the ballpark. This will help keep fans cool during the games. The stadium was built with the Las Vegas desert weather in mind and as a result, it looked to accommodate the fans by ensuring a cool and comfortable environment.

Anyone who attends this ballpark will be able to enjoy a few other perks as well. They will be able to celebrate with fireworks displays every so often. During the months of May, July and August, fans will be able to check out fireworks shows after the games. The ballpark is located at a prime location in downtown Summerlin, Nevada. It is located right by Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa as well as being adjacent to the Vegas Golden Knights practice facility at City National Area. Lastly, the stadium offers free parking for fans. This will allow people to save money when attending games during the season.