I made decent progress on the first floor of "Newfallen" this weekend. Most of the ceiling has been added. I've sketched out the Gynok Moltar encounter, but I think I need to make it a little easier. The druid is now Pham Willowbark, who appears in most of my other EQ adventures.

The plan is for each room to be its own little mini-adventure. I've decided to use the Befallen quest "Plight of the Undead" as the model for my Befallen revamp. It's one of the newer Befallen quests — and by newer, I mean only a decade old. Unlike classic Befallen, this one has minibosses and a final boss. The original quest begins with a trip down into the well… I'm going to split that up a bit.

The player will be able to just ignore the whole plot, anyway.

Shown is SK1, the room you camp in order to get the key to the second floor. The first story miniboss, Hrek the Defiler, has set up shop in order to bind an ogre shadowknight to her will, aided by a dark elf necromancer and his pet. You can see her from the broken door on the east side of the room, or from the working doorway on the west side before you enter.

Once you enter, she respawns into an aggro form and attacks. She gives some plot-related text when she attacks and when she dies, and she's also given a warning that it is only her presence that is keeping the shadowknight from attacking.

Once she's killed, the SK, necro and pet respawn into aggro form and rush the player. Kill them and loot the key from the SK's corpse.

For some reason, having mobs drop items isn't working for me. Not sure if it's because of the custom construction or whatnot — I have no idea. But now I am making lootable corpses to give the stuff. That is actually more like EverQuest, so it's not a bad thing, but I wonder if I have any other custom maps — like the back part of Najena's Lair — which are no longer working.

One more minor encounter on the way to the second floor and the first floor will be to the "80%" mark. 80% of the work is done in 20% of the time. The remaining 20% takes 80% of the time. When all of Newfallen is at 80%, I can finally publish it and get feedback as I finish it.

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Finished re-tiling the floor to the Well in Newfallen. The NPC gives the quest to get his buddy's gear from the bottom of the well. The buddy accidentally fell down, was instantly killed, and now his stuff's going to poof before he can run back from Freeport. Ooooh I should make it Qeynos.

I activated Skeleton Lrodd to see how hard it would be to fight in the room. It wasn't easy. I had this idea to lure Lrodd into the well to see what happens. He falls into it fine, but then there's aggro that's impossible to fully lose, making things annoying. I need to stop him from falling into the well unless the player is already headed for the express down elevator to oblivion.

Leaving the well room behind for now to start work on SK1, the next encounter on floor 1.

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It's a wonderful world we live in where we can have a videogame show people at a conference table and still get in a decent crotch shot.

STILL not understanding why Seven of Nine has to wear skin-tight clothing. The Borg don't. Starfleet doesn't.

And, why does The Doctor look old? I know Robert Picardo has gotten older, but this is a video game. The Doctor can look like the younger him, no problem. Is this some sort of weird Bicentennial Man thing going on? And he's always going on about his subroutines. I guess that doesn't mean the same thing that it does to those long-dead 20th century programmers who defined it in the first place.

We'd probably say "module".

And, who is that cute Romulan next to him? Oh wait, that's my character, Chandra :)

Chandra despises pretty much everyone at the table. She thinks Neelix is a terrible spokesperson for the Talaxian remnants, and gets his friends killed far too often. The rest — still trying to paper over the mistakes they made in the Delta Quadrant. Pathetic.

Apparently, if Janeway had slept with Q just once, they could have been sent home instantly. She wasn't willing to make a sacrifice to save her people. How many died, thousands of light years from home, because she chose to defy an omnipotent superbeing who, the last time he was thwarted, pointed the Borg at the Federation?

Anyway. Kasul and I are doffing up to level 57 now so we can continue our Delta Quadrant adventures…


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DCUO: Thanks, Internet!

Okay, I actually went so far as to look up a DPS build, put it in play, went back and soloed Mister Freeze. I didn't even need a second orbital strike. Almost full health and power.

I should… I should go try the Metropolis Historical District dailies… Wonder if I could do those now.


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