Neverwinter: Foundries on the Half-Shell

Wild Man of the Wood

It’s another night of foundry fun! Four player quests played by our intrepid questing duo. One of which was actually really good :)

Wild Man of the Wood by @Kathrian

A noblewoman invites you into her home to ask you to go on a mission of utmost discretion: bring a letter to a wild man seen in the woods outside of town. Kasul and I were sure this was some sort of illicit affair, and guess what, we were right. Her hubby is a demonic chimera, her lover is a druid who has taken a vow against showering, and this quest leaves most of the actual story to the next quest in the campaign.

The wilderness portion of the adventure had some interesting puzzles. Bugs in the mansion portion let us into the final room without the key. Kasul did find the key and enter the normal way, but the key was then used up and we couldn’t get back out of the room without exploiting the bug. Nonetheless, both Kasul and I gave it four stars for being decently written, if a little light on actual plot.

Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole by @Thepiratez

An “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” inspired quest. You follow an odd looking rabbit down a rabbit hole into wonderland, filled with creatures and given an opportunity to head into fantasy worlds to make sure the dodo STAYS EXTINCT. Take the hint, ugly but delicious flightless bird!

Combat would have been rough if we’d run this solo. There’s a lot of difficulty modifiers and optional side quests that invite replaying, though the tedium of the Cheshire Cat puzzle might discourage same. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun, particularly with the Queen of Hearts. Both Kasul and I gave this quest five stars, and it was the highlight of the night.

Ooty Shot the Sheriff by @Smashicas

This is one of a series of quests about the titular “Ooty”, whom I’m not actually sure we meet in this quest. Ooty shot the sheriff, but the bullet went through the sheriff and hit the deputy? Or something? It’s based, I guess, on the Bob Marley song in some way.

The adventure takes place in a rather nice custom map, where a party has gotten out of control, and various “Krewes” are battling for control of some scantily clad women. I kept apologizing to Kasul for choosing this one. I gave it three stars purely because of the work that went into the map.

Part I “To Pay A Tab” by @Avaleean

Despite being “A Pern Dragonriders guild production”, this quest has nothing to do with Pern.

Your cash has been stolen, and it’s time to pay your bill at the NEXT MAP TAVERN. (I assume that is its name, as it uses GO TO NEXT MAP throughout). You do some menial jobs (which your character lampshades — a hero doing such work?) which segues into mimic mating season and a quick run through the cellar killing static groups of undead.

It’s a very straightforward, but forgettable, quest. Kasul and I both gave it two stars, but I think it probably deserved three. I should probably replay it and fix the rating.

So — go play the Wonderland one. You’ll probably like it as much as we did!

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DCUO: Paradox Waiver

Paradox Wave

If you look in the forums for information about DCUO’s tier 5 raid, “Paradox Wave”, it makes it sound like a simple gear check. If you have the gear, you win — and that required gear is much lower than we all have now. Further, there’s an easy and a hard mode to the raid.

So, why can’t we win?

The basic plot is that Future Luthor actually staged the whole Brainiac invasion so that he could rule the world or something. We’ll come back to that. While the heroes and villains of Earth are trying to save the world from Brainiac, Future Luthor has opened the hellmouth beneath Gotham, and all the alternate realities are colliding. In Paradox Wave, you help alternate Batmans close the hellmouth. In Nexus, you defeat alternate Luthors once and for all.

Okay, back to the question of why Luthor wants to rule the world. In the comics, he is a really successful industrialist. He has all the power he could ever want. He can do anything he wants. He really hates Superman, but Superman, for whatever reason, is unable to really harm any of Luthor’s plans. What does Luthor get out of destroying Earth and all its alternates? He really has never seemed insane on the order of Joker, who is literally bat-shit crazy.

Anyway, we threw ourselves at Paradox Wave a few times. I think our problem comes down to focused DPS. Stuff doesn’t die fast enough. I know we have the DPS to do this, so people must be wasting it on different mobs.

After we decided to let Paradox Wave beat us up for the last time, we went on to Nexus and beat up on some Luthors. We had a pickup DPS named “Hal Jordam” around, who was, confusingly, a RED lantern. He bugged out after we screwed up killing two mobs that were supposed to die at the same time. We worked through it without him, easily winning the instance.

7/8ths of the raid were talking to each other on Skype. 1/8th had no idea what we were all talking about, but since that 1/8th was, by far, the top DPS in the raid and seemed most knowledgeable, we were all racing around trying to guess what he was up to, leading to the mistakes.

I’m thinking communication is really a problem for us. Once we really know a raid — like Sunstone Matrix, for instance — we execute flawlessly. Even before we were overpowered for it. These new (to us) raids, though — we’re unsure, nobody knows exactly what to do, and we lose.

No different than any other MMO, I guess.

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Neverwinter: Foundry Contest Update #2

Outside the Auction House

Well, I meant for this second map, “Outside the Auction House”, to just be a transition map. You hand an NPC an item, he sends you on to the next map. And then I wanted to add a second NPCs story, allow you to, perhaps, choose the lesser of two evils to support. And then I thought, why should the player have to choose between two bad choices? Maybe there could be a third, hidden choice that would be more difficult, but more honorable.

Lady Alsunder is a human noble supporter of the Cult of the Dragon. She’s not evil, but she does believe in the Cult’s goals for her own reasons.

Speculator Zigto, the quest giver, has a hidden reason for needing the Orb, one he will reveal under questioning, if you help him. Could he ultimately be more of a danger than the Cult?

And, lastly, Kluva the Footpad. The city guard initially blamed her for the scuffle in the auction house. To get her help, you’ll have to do something for her that she cannot do for herself. But you’ll need to find her, first. If you think like a thief, you can get through this encounter without much fighting. But it will make the final map much, much harder. Sometimes the right choice is not the easy choice.

Still hoping to get this done by Monday, but if I keep going off on tangents, I’ll run out of time. The next map is a short one.

So far.

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Neverwinter: Are We There Yeti?

Me and the Yeti

How many times have I done the Need for Mead daily quest in Neverwinter? I thought I’d figured out a surefire method to spawn the daddy Yeti so I could get another Yeti Treat to try and tame the baby yeti outside the instance. I hadn’t. It has SOMETHING to do with the Beast Handler, but darned if I know what.

Half the time I did the instance, I somehow got a yeti treat, but couldn’t entice the baby yeti.

Until today. Today he liked my treat. Maybe it’s because I had just talked to the handler who’d given up on him. I dunno (but probably not).

Today he liked my treat, and it was good timing because I’d finished training Brave Sir Robin as much as I planned to — not gonna sink astral diamonds into leveling a green to purple. Though I DID notice — too late — that you could use the event currency to unlock the advanced leveling as well. Maybe next year.

This guy is green as well, so he has two growth spurts in store. I gotta admit, I’d love to see his final form.

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