Welp, time to pull the trigger on Crushbone's Revenge. You've heard me talking about this quest for months. It's finally in a playable state. If any Neverwinter players want to give it a spin and let me know how they like it, I'd really appreciate it.

It's part of my EverQuest-in-Neverwinter campaign, but no knowledge of EverQuest is required to play.

Crushbone's Revenge (NW-DQY8XAH9D) by @Tipa

It's still in the For Review tab at the moment, but, I hope, will be in the "New" tab real soon. Need just one more review to get it out of Review Hell.

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Crushbone’s Revenge – NW-DQY8XAH9D

A semi-sequel to “Tempest in a Freepot”. The gnomish King Alonso has lost his nephew, Retlon Brenclog, in the Orc fortress of Crushbone. Tensions between Crushbone and the nearby wood elf city of Kelethin make a direct assault unwise, but someone from outside the region, with no ties to any side, can get in there and convince Retlon to return.

But, you’ll soon find out that all is very much, not as it seem…

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Now, this IS relevant to EverQuest. I think I’m just about finished with Crushbone’s Revenge, the sort of sequel to Tempest in a Freepot. You’re on a mission to save Retlon Brenclog, a gnome who was last seen in Crushbone. But you uncover something much darker on your quest, and a gnome isn’t all you save.

The next step is optional, but it’s usually a good idea to get other foundry authors to weigh in on your quest before you make it widely available. This is semi-baked in, because you have to get five reviews before it goes live to everyone. Lucky me, I have four already, and need just one more. The unlucky bit is that I’ve been honestly reviewing people’s foundries for a few months now, and… some authors might want to be a little brutally honest with me.

It’s all good, though. Constructive feedback leads to better quests.

I’m not posting it just yet, because the Foundry keeps displaying different versions of the quest. I need it to display on the most recent one. I don’t want people critiquing bugs I’ve already fixed.

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Took about forever to finish this book, but it was worth the read. Looking forward to the second half of the story with a mixture of anticipation and dread….

Wow, that was a thick book. Not long from now, humanity develops both instantaneous space travel via wormholes and immortality and spreads throughout the stars in a sort of t…

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Yay! Back to rotating through my old original EverQuest image collection. We’ll try that out for awhile.

I wonder if it would be sacrilege to start adding images from the games I’m playing these days? I haven’t played EQ1 much for many years.

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