Darna was a long time, well-respected member of Team Tanglewood. I loved her from the moment I first recruited her back at the Black Hound Inn in the Gilded Vale. I made her a monk, because I needed a tank, and I thought someone whose power operated from wounds would fit the bill.

I found out just now that there was an actual warrior waiting to be hired… but I guess I missed him. Anyway, Darna couldn't tank at all, her DPS was subpar, I (a rogue) ended up tanking far too often; even the ranger's pet made a better tank.

When we were called back to our stronghold to fight off some Leaden Key priests, I decided that was quite enough. We stopped by Dyrwood Village before we returned to the City of Defiance, picked up a Cipher (who replaced the chanter), and hired a dwarven fighter.

We'll see how she does. I've more than half a mind to retrace our steps and see if I can find that named fighter, though. I'll have to meet up with him eventually, anyway, to hear his story.

Dyrwood Village is a little above my level. A nest of feral druids outside town proved troublesome to take out. Finishing up the City of Defiance quests will probably level the party up enough to take them out, then continue on to the ogre that's been menacing the town.

Something tells me that that ogre won't be what I'm expecting… I half expect there to be no ogre at all. But, we'll see.


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My kayak is this companies first product, now called "The Bay". It's a great boat, folds up for storage, snaps together for use. My only issue with it is that it's a bit cramped for me. Well, now they have a new one. Longer, faster… more expensive…

Oru Kayak is raising funds for The Coast: a 16′ origami kayak. For adventures near and far. on Kickstarter!

We’re returning to Kickstarter with big adventure in a small box. Store it in a closet. Throw it in your trunk. Check it on a plane.

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I didn't know Pentatonix was going to be in Pitch Perfect 2! It was a total shock for me when they popped up (though apparently it was spoiled all over the Internet). I'm pretty sure anyone who's at all interested in a movie about an a capella group already knows who they are, but for the two of you who DON'T… 

Here's crazy great Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix doing a cover of Radioactive that blows Imagine Dragons away.

Buy this song on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/radioactive/id637055735?i=637055958&ign-m

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Second Hyperlapse test. I've been waiting for this to come out for months. It really does make sped-up bike video look almost watchable, though, ironically, YouTube said it looked a little shaky and offered to clean it up ;-)

The center point of the video wanders back and forth oddly, as Hyperlapse tries to find the focus of the shot. In the thumbnail shot, you can see how Hyperlapse chooses to include far more of the left of the shot than the right. You can see this even more dramatically when I go under a bridge; the shot slams right over.

All that said, I'm looking forward to applying this to some drone shots. If I hadn't lost my drone to a waterfall….


Slightly longer test of Microsoft Hyperlapse on the way home tonight. Hyperlapse is supposed to smoo

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